KIA Niro: Front Seat

Front Seat / Components And Components Location

  1. Front seat back covering
  2. Front seat back heater
  3. Front seat back pad
  4. Front seat inner shield cover
  5. Front seat headrest
  6. Front seat headrest guide
  7. Front seat back board
  8. Front seat back frame
  9. Front seat outer shield cover
  10. Front seat cushion covering
  11. Front seat cushion heater
  12. Front seat cushion pad
  13. Front seat cushion frame


 Front Seat Assembly | Front Seat Shield Outer Cover

Front seat assembly Front Seat Assembly Repair procedures Replacement Loosen the front seat mounting bolts (A). Tightening torque : 49.0 - 58.8 N*m (5.0 - 6.0 kgf*m, 36.2 - 43.4 lb*ft) Front Rear Disconnect the airb

 Front Seat Back Cover

Front seat back cover Replacement Remove the front seat assembly. (Refer to Front Seat - "Front Seat Assembly") Remove the front seat outer shield cover. (Refer to Front Seat - "Front Seat Outer Shield Cover")


 Cluster Fascia Panel | Center Fascia Panel

Cluster Fascia Panel Components and components location Cluster fascia panel assembly Cluster Fascia Panel Repair procedures Replacement Warning Put on gloves to protect your hands. Warning Use a plastic panel removal tool to r

 Refrigerant System Service Basics (R- 134a)

For the electric compressor using high-voltage, use POE oil with high insulation property. Use a separate equipment (refrigerant recovery / charger) exclusive for hybrid vehicle maintenance to prevent infusion of PAG oil of non-hybrid v