Kia Niro - First generation - (DE) (2017-2022) - Service and Repair Manual

Kia Niro - First generation - (DE) (2017-2022) - Service and Repair Manual

The Kia Niro First Generation (2017-2022) is using the electrical energy that is charged & stored inside the high voltage battery. This method prevents air pollution since fuel, like gasoline, is not required, negating the emission of exhaust gases. When decelerating or driving downhill, regenerative braking is utilized to charge the high voltage battery. This minimizes energy loss and increases the distance to empty. The vehicle is composed of a high voltage battery that drives the motor, air conditioner, and charges an auxiliary battery (12 V) that drives all other 12 V systems.


 General Information

 Safety Precaution

 Precautions to take before servicing high voltage system

Warning Hybrid vehicles have high voltage batteries. Incorrect handling of high voltage system or vehicle may lead to serious accident including electric shock and electric leakage. Warning Be sure to shut off the high voltage by removing th


 Emission control system (if equipped)

Kia NIRO Hybrid The emission control system of your vehicle is covered by a written limited warranty. Please see the warranty information contained in the Warranty & Maintenance book in your vehicle. Your vehicle is equipped with an emiss

 Multifunction Switch

Specifications Multifunction Switch / Components And Components Location Steering column shaft Lighting switch Wiper/Washer switch Screws Clock spring LHD RHD Multifunction Switch / Repair Procedures Removal Disconn