KIA Niro: Precautions to take before servicing high voltage system


Hybrid vehicles have high voltage batteries. Incorrect handling of high voltage system or vehicle may lead to serious accident including electric shock and electric leakage.


  • Be sure to shut off the high voltage by removing the safety plug before performing inspection or repairing the high voltage system.(Refer to "High Voltage Shut-off Procedures")
  • Keep the safety plug completely removed to prevent the plug from being connected by mistake.
  •  Do not wear metallic objects (watch, ring etc.) while working on the high voltage system, due to risk of serious accidents like electric shock.
  • Whenever working on the high voltage system, wear personal protective equipment to prevent accidents. (Refer to "Personal Protective Equipment")
  • Technicians not wearing personal protective equipment must not be allowed to work on high voltage systems. Cover high voltage components with an insulated sheet to prevent accidents.
  • Use insulation tools when working on the high voltage system.
  • Put the removed high voltage components on the insulation mat.


  • All the high voltage wiring and connectors are orange.
  • A caution label for high voltage is attached to the high voltage components.
  • High voltage components include: High Voltage Battery Pack Assembly, Power Relay Assembly (PRA), BMS ECU, Hybrid Power Control Unit (HPCU), Hybrid Drive Motor, HSG, Electric A/C Compressor, Low DC/DC Converter (LDC), On-Board Charger (OBC), Power Cable, Electric Compressor, etc.


To prevent injury to technician, place "High Voltage" caution sign as shown.

Personal Protective Equipment

gloves working on the high voltage componentsUsed when inspecting or working on the high voltage components (Insulation performance : 1000V / 300A or above)


Insulation clothes inspecting or working on the high voltage componentsUsed when inspecting or working on the high voltage components



Face shield

Used in the following cases :

  • During removal & installation or inspection of the high voltage
    battery terminals or wiring, where spark might happen.

  • When working on the high voltage battery pack assembly.

mat components are placed on an insulationAll removed high voltage components are placed on an insulation mat to prevent accident.

sheet cover high voltage components toInsulation sheet is used to cover high voltage components to protect people not wearing personal protective equipment from accident.

tape dangerous past this line.Used for informing that it is dangerous past this line.


     Personal Protective Equipment Inspection

    Check that the personal protective equipment is not damaged. Check that the insulation gloves are not torn or damaged. Wear the insulation glove after removing moisture. Warning Fold the insulation glove as above Fold again 3~4 times

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     Protection Of The Vehicle

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     DC Fuse

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