KIA Niro: General Information


 Safety Precaution

 Precautions to take before servicing high voltage system

Warning Hybrid vehicles have high voltage batteries. Incorrect handling of high voltage system or vehicle may lead to serious accident including electric shock and electric leakage. Warning Be sure to shut off the high voltage by removing th

 Personal Protective Equipment Inspection

Check that the personal protective equipment is not damaged. Check that the insulation gloves are not torn or damaged. Wear the insulation glove after removing moisture. Warning Fold the insulation glove as above Fold again 3~4 times


 Sunroof Guide

Replacement Remove the sunroof assembly. (Refer to Sunroof - "Sunroof Assembly") Remove the sunroof sunshade. (Refer to Sunroof - "Sunroof Sunshade") Push down the slide and remove the drip link assembly (A).

 Shift-lock system

Shift-lock system prevents shifting the gear from P (Park) into N (Neutral)/R (Reverse)/D (Drive) or N (Neutral) into R (Reverse)/D (Drive) unless the brake pedal is depressed. WARNING ALWAYS check the surrounding areas near your vehicle f