KIA Niro: Protection Of The Vehicle

Always be sure to cover fenders, seats, and floor areas before starting work.


The support rod must be inserted into the hole near the edge of the hood whenever you inspect the engine compartment to prevent the hood from falling and causing possible injury.

Make sure that the support rod has been released prior to closing the hood. Always check to be sure
the hood is firmly latched before driving the vehicle.

Preparation Of Tools And Measuring Equipment

Be sure that all necessary tools and measuring equipment are available starting work.

Special Tools

Use special tools when they are required.

Removal Of Parts

Removal Of Parts

First find the cause of the problem and then determine whether removal or disassembly before starting the job.



If the disassembly procedure is complex, requiring many parts to be disassembled, all parts should be disassembled in a way that will not affect their performance or external appearance.

  1. Inspection of parts

Each part, when removed, should be carefully on suspected for malfunction, deformation, damage,
and other problems.

  1. Arrangement of parts

All disassembled parts should be carefully arranged for effective reassembly.

Be sure to separate and correctly identify the parts to be replaced from those that will be used again.

  1. Cleaning parts for reuse

All parts to be used again should be carefully and thoroughly cleaned by an appropriate method.



When replacing parts, use Kia Motors Genuine Parts or equal quality



Standard values, such as torques and certain adjustments, must be strictly observed in the reassembly of all parts.

If removed, the following parts should always be replaced with new ones.

  1. Oil seals
  2. Gaskets
  3. O-rings
  4. Lock washers
  5. Cotter pins (split pins)
  6. Plastic nuts

Depending on their location

Depending on their location

  1. Sealant should be applied to gaskets.
  2. Oil should be applied to the moving components of parts.
  3. Specified oil or grease should be applied to the prescribed locations (oil seals, etc) before assembly.



Use gauges and testers to properly adjust the parts to the correct standard values.


     Electrical System

    Be sure to disconnect the battery cable from the negative (-) terminal of the battery. Never pull on the wires when disconnecting connectors. Locking connectors will click when the connector is secure. Handle sensors and relays carefully.

     Servicing The Electrical System

    Prior to servicing the electrical system, be sure to turn off the ignition switch and disconnect the battery ground cable. Warning In the course of MFI or ELC system diagnosis, when the battery cable is removed, any diagnostic trouble

     Identification Number Locations

    Identification Numbers Identification Number Description Vehicle Identification Number World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) KNA : Passenger vehicle, MPV(Multipurpose Passenger Vehicle)/SUV(Sports Utility Vehicle)/RV(Recreational


     Power windows automatic reversal

    Kia NIRO Hybrid Operation Windows will stop and move down. Approximately 30 cm (12 inches) Windows will move down. Approximately 2.5 cm (1 inch) Operating condition(s) WARNING Always check for obstructions before rais

     Power Door Mirror Switch Repair procedures

    Inspection Non-IMS Type Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. Remove the front left door trim. (Refer to Body - "Front Door Trim") Disconnect the power mirror switch connector from the door trim. Check for conti