KIA Niro: Engine compartment (Kia Niro Hybrid only)

Smartstream G1.6 GDi HEV
Smartstream G1.6 GDi HEV

Smartstream G1.6 GDi PHEV
Smartstream G1.6 GDi PHEV

  1. Engine coolant reservoir
  2. Brake fluid reservoir
  3. Air cleaner
  4. Engine oil filler cap
  5. Engine oil dipstick
  6. Windshield washer fluid reservoir
  7. Fuse box
  8. Inverter coolant reservoir
  9.  Electric Control Unit (ECU)
  10. Engine actuator reservoir tank


     Motor room compartment (Kia Niro EV only)

    Coolant reservoir Brake fluid reservoir * This part is located on the opposite side for Right-hand drive vehicle. Windshield washer fluid reservoir Fuse box Negative battery terminal (-) Positive battery terminal (+) Front tr

     Safety features of your vehicle



     The Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF)

    Description The Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF) system prevents Particulate Matter (PM) from being discharged to the atmosphere and consists of a filter assembly, two Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors (EGTS). The filter is integrated in the cat

     Emission control system (if equipped)

    Kia NIRO Hybrid The emission control system of your vehicle is covered by a written limited warranty. Please see the warranty information contained in the Warranty & Maintenance book in your vehicle. Your vehicle is equipped with an emiss