KIA Niro: Safety features of your vehicle



 Feature of seat leather

* The actual features in your vehicle may not necessarily be available due to the selected options or regions. * The picture above is based on LHD vehicle. For RHD vehicle, the operation of front seat are located on the opposite side. Front

 Infotainment system

Infotainment system (Kia Niro Hybrid only) A: Vehicle settings Seat Seat Position Change Alert Seating Easy Access Rear Seat Heating/Ventilation Control Select Settings ? Vehicle ? Seat from the Settings menu in the infotainment s


 Adjusting regenerative braking with paddle shifter

The regenerative braking system allows you to charge the battery when you use the brakes to stop the vehicle. Adjusting regenerative braking with paddle shifter Operation Pull the left side ( ) of the paddle shifter to increase

 Temporarily canceling Smart Cruise Control

A: SCC (Smart Cruise Control) cancelled Smart Cruise Control will be temporarily canceled automatically when: Your driving speed is above 200 km/h (120 mph) The vehicle is stopped for a certain period of time The accelerator pedal i