KIA Niro: Air bag warning labels

Left-hand drive
Left-hand drive

Right-hand drive
Right-hand drive

Air bag warning label (Type A)
Air bag warning label (Type A)

Air bag warning label (Type B)
Air bag warning label (Type B)

Air bag warning labels are attached to alert the passengers of potential risk of air bag system.

Note that these government warnings focus on the risk of children. We also want you to be aware of the risks adult are exposed to which have been described in previous pages.


  • Never place a rear facing child restraint in the front passenger seat, unless the passenger-side air bag is deactivated. An inflating passengerside air bag could impact the rear-facing child restraint and kill the child.
  • Extreme Hazard! Do not use a rearward facing child restraint on a seat protected by an air bag in front of it!
  • Never put a child restraint in the front passenger's seat. If the front passenger air bag inflates, it can cause serious or fatal injuries.
  • NEVER use a rearward facing child restraint on a seat protected by an ACTIVE AIR BAG in front of it, DEATH or SERIOUS INJURY to the CHILD can occur.
  • When children are seated in the rear outboard seats of a vehicle equipped with side and/or curtain air bags, be sure to install the child restraint system as far away from the door side as possible, and securely lock the child restraint system in position.

    Inflation of side and/or curtain air bags could cause serious injury or death to an infant or child.


If equipped with rollover sensor

  • The air bags inflate instantly in the even of a rollover (if equipped with a side air bag or curtain air bag) in order to help protect the occupants from serious physical injury.
  • The side and/or the curtain air bag may deploy when the rollover sensor detects the situation as a rollover.


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