KIA Niro: Keys


 Using the remote key (Kia NIRO Hybrid)

* The information provided may differ according to which functions are applicable to your vehicle. Keys Record your key number The key code number is stamped on the key code tag attached to the key set. If you lose your keys, Kia recommends

 Using the smart key (Kia NIRO Hybrid)

Lock button Unlock button Tailgate unlock/open button (if equipped) Remote start button (if equipped) Remote Start Parking Assist (Forward) button (if equipped) Remote Start Parking Assist (Backward) button (if equipped) Ope

 Locking/unlocking/remote starting/remote parking with the smart key (Kia Niro EV)

Smart key Lock Unlock Tailgate unlock/open Remote start Remote Start Parking Assist (Forward) Remote Start Parking Assist (Backward) Operation Press the corresponding button. Press the door lock button (1) and hold the remo


 Safe Exit Assist settings

Exit Safety Kia NIRO Hybrid Kia Niro EV A: Driver Assistance Driving Safety  Exit Safety With the vehicle on, touch Settings ? Driver Assistance ? Warning Volume on the instrument cluster or Settings ? Vehicle ? Driver A

 AUTO (Automatic) mode (Plug-in hybrid vehicle)

A: Automatic mode The drive mode will be automatically selected from either Electric (CD) mode or Hybrid (CS) mode by the system according to the driving condition. CS (Charge Sustaining, Hybrid) mode (Plug-in hybrid vehicle) A: Hybri