KIA Niro: Unfolding rear seatback (Kia NIRO Hybrid)

Unfolding rear seatback ( Kia NIRO Hybrid)

  1. While pulling on the seatback folding lever, lift and pull the seatback backward.

    Pull the seatback firmly until it clicks into place.

  2. Return the rear seat belt to the proper position
  3. If you want to tilt the rear seatback a bit more, while pulling on the seatback folding lever and push the top of the rear seatback towards the rear.


  • Never attempt to adjust while the vehicle is moving or the rear seat is occupied as the seat may suddenly move and cause the passenger on the seat to be injured.
  • The purpose of the fold-down rear seatbacks is to allow you to carry longer objects that could not be accommodated in the cargo area. Never allow passengers to sit on top of the folded down seatback while the vehicle is moving. This is not a proper seating position and no seat belts are available for use. This could result in serious injury or death in case of an accident or sudden stop. Objects carried on the folded down seatback should not extend higher than the top of the front seatbacks. This could allow cargo to slide forward and cause injury or damage during sudden stops.
  • Do not fold the rear seats if passengers, pets or luggage are in the rear seats. It may cause injury or damage to passengers, pets or luggage.
  • When you return the seatback to its upright position, hold the seatback and return it slowly. If the seatback is returned without holding it, the back of the seat could spring forward resulting in injury caused by being struck by the seatback.
  • Cargo should always be secured to prevent it from being thrown about the vehicle in a collision and causing injury to the vehicle occupants. Do not place objects in the rear seats, since they cannot be properly secured and may hit the front seat occupants in a collision.
  • Make sure the engine is off, the automatic is in P (Park), and the parking brake is securely applied whenever loading or unloading cargo. Failure to take these steps may allow the vehicle to move if the shift lever or dial is inadvertently moved to another position.
  • Never attempt to adjust while the vehicle is moving or the rear seat is occupied as the seat may suddenly move and cause the passenger on the seat to be injured.
  • Do not allow your hands or fingers to get caught in the seat mechanisms while adjusting the seats.
  • When returning the rear seatbacks to the upright position, remember to return the rear shoulder belts to their proper position. Routing the seat belt webbing through the rear seat belt guides will help keep the belts from being trapped behind or under the seats.
  • When you fold the rear seatback, insert the buckle in the pocket between the rear seatback and cushion.

    Doing so can prevent the buckle from being damaged by the rear seatback.


  • Avoid excessive force when unfolding rear seat back.
  • Unfolding the seat with excessive force may lead to lock seat back in 2nd step. This is natural phenomenon and adjust to the desired position if necessary.



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