KIA Niro: AHB Brake System Bleeding procedure

The iBAU consists of 3 brake fluid lines in total (Low/high pressure and pedal simulator lines), therefore, air bleeding should be made sequentially following the procedure below.

 Bleeding sequence : Low pressure/Pedal simulator section (iBAU 2P & Caliper 4P) High pressure (Caliper 4P) → Fluid circulation mode (KDS) (If skip or incomplete of about procedure, noise(Honking/Hissing) may occur.)



  • Do not reuse the drained fluid.
  • Always use genuine DOT3/DOT4 brake Fluid. Using a non-genuine DOT3/DOT4 brake fluid can cause corrosion and decrease the life of the system.
  • Make sure no dirt or other foreign matter is allowed to contaminate the brake fluid.
  • Do not spill brake fluid on the vehicle, it may damage the paint; if brake fluid does contact the paint, wash it off immediately with water.
  • When bleeding air, make sure the brake fluid is above10mm starting from the "MIN" line.
  • To remove the reservoir tank cap to refill the brake fluid, always close the air shut-off valve of the SST.
  • Improper SST tank cap installation, can damage reservoir threads and allow fluids to leak when performing fluid circulation mode.
  • Do not remove the reservoir filter (To prevent foreign substances from entering)

Air Bleeding Tool Installation Procedure


To prevent the brake fluid reservoir tank from being damaged and ensure the safety of worker, set the pressure of the gauge to the standard value before installing the SST.

  1. Before installing the SST on the vehicle, close the air shut-off valve (A) to adjust the pressure gauge to the standard value.



For safety of worker and correct pressure setting, make sure that the plug (B) is installed correctly.

  1. After connecting an air hose and opening the air shut-off valve (A), adjust the pressure gauge (B) with to the standard value.

Standard pressure value: 0.3 - 0.5MPa (43.5 - 72.5psi)

  1. Close the air shut off valve (A) and remove the plug(B).



For safety of worker, make sure that the air shut off valve is closed and remove the plug.

  1. Remove the brake reservoir tank cap (A).

  1. Install the cap (A) of SST (0k585-E8100) on the reservoir tank.

  1. Make sure the check valve (A) is closed and connect SST(09580-3D100) (A) to the adapter (B).


Improper installation, can damage reservoir threads and allow fluid leaks.

Air Bleeding Tool Removal Procedure


     Air Bleeding Tool Removal Procedure

    Close the air shut-off valve (A) first, after disconnecting the air hose (B), bleed air in the reservoir tank by opening the air shut-off valve (A) slowly. Warning To prevent backflow of brake fluid, be sure to open the air shut-off

     Troubleshooting - Brake System

    Symptom : Lower pedal or sponge pedal Expected cause → Countermeasure Brake system (oil leakage) → Repair Brake system (air inflow) → Air bleeding out procedure Piston seal (worn out or damaged) → Replace Symptom :

     AHB(Active Hydraulic Boost) System


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    In the following circumstances, Remote Smart Parking Assist performance to park or exit the vehicle may be limited, there may be a risk of collision, or Remote Smart Parking Assist may turn off. Park or exit the vehicle manually if necessary.

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