KIA Niro: Brake bleeding prcoedures


 AHB Brake System Bleeding procedure

The iBAU consists of 3 brake fluid lines in total (Low/high pressure and pedal simulator lines), therefore, air bleeding should be made sequentially following the procedure below.  Bleeding sequence : Low pressure/Pedal simulator section (

 Air Bleeding Tool Removal Procedure

Close the air shut-off valve (A) first, after disconnecting the air hose (B), bleed air in the reservoir tank by opening the air shut-off valve (A) slowly. Warning To prevent backflow of brake fluid, be sure to open the air shut-off

 Troubleshooting - Brake System

Symptom : Lower pedal or sponge pedal Expected cause → Countermeasure Brake system (oil leakage) → Repair Brake system (air inflow) → Air bleeding out procedure Piston seal (worn out or damaged) → Replace Symptom :


 Lane Following Assist settings

Lane Following Assist is designed to help detect lane markings and/or vehicles on the road, and assists the driver's steering to help center the vehicle in the lane. Detecting sensor Front view camera The front view camera is used as a

 Electric Power Steering

Description MDPS (Motor Driven Power Steering) system uses an electric motor to assist the steering force and it is an engine operation independent steering system. MDPS control module controls the motor operation according to information re