KIA Niro: Towing

If the vehicle needs to be towed, call a professional towing service. Never tow vehicle with just a rope or chain. It is very dangerous.




Emergency Towing

Emergency Towing

There are three popular methods of towing a vehicle :

  • The operator loads the vehicle on the back of truck. This is best way of transporting the vehicle.
  • The tow truck uses two pivoting arms that go under the tires of the driving axle and lift them off the ground. The other two wheels remain on the ground.
  • The tow truck uses metal cables with hooks on the ends. These hooks go around parts of the frame or suspension, and the cables lift that end of the vehicle off the ground. The vehicle's suspension and body can be seriously damaged if this method of towing is attempted.

If the vehicle cannot be transported by flat-bed, should be towed with the wheels of the driving axle off the ground and do the following :

Manual Transaxle

  • Release the parking brake.
  • Shift the Transaxle to neutral

Automatic Transaxle

  • Release the parking brake.
  • Start the engine.
  • Shift to (D) position, then (N) position.
  • Turn off the engine.


  • The vehicle equipped with full-time 4WD should be only transported on a flat-bed.
  • Improper towing preparation will damage the transaxle. follow the above procedure exactly. If you cannot shift the transaxle or start the engine(automatic transaxle), your vehicle must be
    transported on a flatbed.
  • It is the best to tow vehicle no farther than 30km (19miles), and keep the speed below 50km/h (30mph). (For the full-time 4WD vehicle, limit the towing to 1.5km (1mile) and 15km/h
  • Trying to lift or tow your vehicle by the bumpers will cause serious damage. The bumpers are not designed to support the vehicle's weight


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