KIA Niro: Air Conditioning System


 Air Conditioning System / General Safety Information and Caution

Instructions (R- 134a) When Handling Refrigerant R-134a liquid refrigerant is highly volatile. A drop on the skin of your hand could result in localized frostbite. When handling the refrigerant, be sure to wear gloves. It is standard prac

  Air Conditioning System / Repair Procedures

Checking Refrigerant Specifications Check refrigerant specifications label inside engine room. Examples R-134a R-1234yf If refrigerant specifications label is not visible, check the refrigerant service port diameter. High pressu

 Compressor oil Repair procedures | Refrigerant Line

Air Conditioning System / Components And Components Location Engine Room Ambient Temperature Sensor Receiver-drier Condenser Electric A/C Compressor Discharge hose The service port (Low pressure) The service po


 Lighting System

Lighting System / Components And Components Location Specifications Lighting System / Components And Components Location Headlamp (Low/High BI-Function) Turn signal lamp Sub low beam Daytime running light, Position lamp Fog

 Hybrid Motor Control System

Description The Hybrid Power Control Unit (HPCU), composed of various components, is the core device among the Power Electronics devices that acts as the brain. It comprises of the Hybrid Control Unit (HCU), an inverter Motor Control Un