KIA Niro: Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)

Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)

Lane Keeping Assist is designed to help detect lane markings (or road edges) while driving over a certain speed. Lane Keeping Assist will warn the driver if the vehicle leaves the lane without using the turn signal, or will automatically assist the driver's steering to help prevent the vehicle from departing the lane.

Detecting sensor

Front view camera
Front view camera

The front view camera is used as a detecting sensor to detect lane markings (or road edges).

Refer to the picture above for the detailed location of the detecting sensor.


For more details on the precautions of the front view camera, refer to "Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) (Sensor Fusion) (if equipped)"


 Lane Keeping Assist settings

Lane safety A: Driver assistance Driving safety Lane safety With the vehicle on, touch Settings ? Driver Assistance ? Driving Safety on the instrument cluster or Settings ? Vehicle ? Driver assistance ? Driving safety on the inf

 Lane Keeping Assist operation

Turning Lane Keeping Assist On/ Off Whenever the vehicle is turned off and on, Lane Keeping Assist will always turn on and the white ( ) indicator light will appear on the cluster. Press and hold the Lane Driving Assist button to turn o

 Lane Keeping Assist malfunction and limitations

Lane Keeping Assist malfunction A: Check Lane Safety system When Lane Keeping Assist is not working properly, the warning message will appear and the yellow ( ) indicator light will appear on the cluster. If this occurs, have the function i


 Limitations of Parking Collision- Avoidance Assist

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