KIA Niro: Driving your vehicle


 Before driving

 Necessary vehicle inspections

Be sure to check the following fluid levels on a regular basis at the exact interval: Engine oil Engine coolant Brake fluid Washer fluid For more details, refer to "Maintenance" WARNING Focus on the road while driving. The

 Good driving practices

Never change the gear from P (Park) or N (Neutral) to any other position with the accelerator pedal depressed. Never change the gear into P (Park) when the vehicle is moving. Stop the vehicle completely before changing the gear into R


 Pre-tensioner seat belt (if equipped) (Kia NIRO Hybrid)

Your vehicle is equipped with driver's, front passenger's and rear passengers' pre-tensioner seat belts. Your vehicle is equipped with driver's and front passenger's Pre-tensioner seat belts. The purpose of the pre-ten

 Highway Driving Assist settings

Highway Driving Assist is designed to help detect vehicles and lanes ahead, and help maintain distance from the vehicle ahead, maintain the set speed, help center the vehicle in the lane while driving on the highway (or motorway). NOTICE- (