KIA Niro: Collision warning

Collision warning

A: Collision warning!

While Smart Cruise Control is operating, when the collision risk with the vehicle ahead is high, the warning message will appear on the cluster, and an audible warning will sound to warn the driver.

Always have your eyes on the road while driving, and if necessary, depress the brake pedal to reduce your driving speed in order to maintain a safe distance.


In the following situations, Smart Cruise Control may not warn the driver of a collision.

Always pay attention to road and driving conditions while driving.

  • The distance from the front vehicle is near, or the vehicle speed of the front vehicle is faster or similar with your vehicle
  • The speed of the front vehicle is very slow or is at a standstill
  • The accelerator pedal is depressed right after Smart Cruise Control is turned on


  • Smart Cruise Control does not substitute for proper and safe driving. It is the responsibility of the driver to always check the speed and distance to the vehicle ahead.
  • Smart Cruise Control may not recognize unexpected and sudden situations or complex driving situations, so always pay attention to driving conditions and control your vehicle speed.
  • Keep Smart Cruise Control off when the function is not in use to avoid inadvertently setting a speed.
  • Do not open the door or leave the vehicle when Smart Cruise Control is operating, even if the vehicle is stopped.
  • Always be aware of the selected speed and headway distance.
  • Keep a safe distance according to road conditions and vehicle speed. If the headway distance is too close during high-speed driving, a serious collision may result.
  • When maintaining distance with the vehicle ahead, if the front vehicle disappears, Smart Cruise Control may suddenly accelerate to the set speed.

    Always be aware of unexpected and sudden situations from occurring.

  • Vehicle speed may decrease on an upward slope and increase on a downward slope.
  • Always be aware of situations such as when a vehicle cuts in suddenly.
  • When you are towing a trailer or another vehicle, turn off Smart Cruise Control for safety reasons.
  • Turn off Smart Cruise Control when your vehicle is being towed.
  • Smart Cruise Control may not operate properly if interfered by strong electromagnetic waves.
  • Smart Cruise Control may not detect an obstacle in front and lead to a collision.

    Always look ahead cautiously to prevent unexpected and sudden situations from occurring.

  • Vehicles moving in front of you with a frequent lane change may cause a delay in Smart Cruise Control reaction or may cause Smart Cruise Control to react to a vehicle actually in an adjacent lane. Always drive cautiously to prevent unexpected and sudden situations from occurring.
  • Always be aware of the surroundings and drive safely, even though a warning message does not appear or an audible warning does not sound.
  • If any other function's warning message is displayed or warning sound is generated, Smart Cruise Control warning message may not be displayed and warning sound may not be generated.
  • You may not hear the warning sound of Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist if the surrounding is noisy.
  • The vehicle manufacturer is not responsible for any traffic violation or accidents caused by the driver.
  • Always set the vehicle speed under the speed limit in your country.
  • If the driver's driving style changes, distance, acceleration and the reaction speed may change.

CAUTION- (Kia Niro EV only)

  • The vehicle must be driven sufficiently to reflect the actual driving style of the driver, such as vehicle distance, acceleration and reaction speed.
  • Based on Driving Style may not reflect the driver's driving style or driving conditions that affects driving safety.
  • If you are driving in special conditions, such as snow, rain, fog or steep sloped roads, the vehicle may not be driven according to the driver's driving style.


  • Smart Cruise Control may not operate for a few seconds after the vehicle is restarted or the front view camera or front radar is initialized.
  • You may hear a sound when the brake is controlled by Smart Cruise Control.
  • Based on Driving Style may not reflect the driver's driving style that is not safe such as rapid acceleration.
  • Based on Driving Style does not reflect any other driving style other than vehicle distance, acceleration and reaction speed.


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