KIA Niro: Safety precautions for electric vehicle

If an accident occurs

If towing is required, tow the vehicle with a flatbed equipment or dollies with all wheels off the ground.

If an accident occurs

If an accident occurs

If an accident occurs

  1. Dollies

If you must tow the vehicle using only two wheels, lift the rear wheels off the ground and tow the vehicle.

If necessary to roll the vehicle so that it can be rolled onto a flatbed tow truck perform the following:

  • First, depress the brake pedal and release the parking brake.
  • Wait 3 minutes or more before opening the driver door and the vehicle will remain in ACC mode and in N (Neutral).
  • If the driver door is opened within the 3 minute period, the vehicle will automatically shift to P (Park), the vehicle will turn OFF and the front wheels will be remained locked.

High voltage cut-off switch

High voltage cut-off switch

In case of emergency, pull down the yellow lever in the high voltage cut-off switch to shut down high voltage battery.

Other precautions for electric vehicle

  • When you paint, apply heat treatment to the vehicle as a result of an accident, and/or weld on the vehicle, the performance of the high voltage battery can be reduced. If heat treatment is required, have the vehicle serviced by an authorized Kia dealer/service partner and have the HV battery removed, prior to any repairs.


  • When a vehicle accident occurs, move the vehicle to a safe place, turn OFF the vehicle and remove the auxiliary battery (12 V) terminal to prevent high voltage electricity from flowing.
  • If electric wires are exposed from inside or outside the vehicle, do not touch the wires. Also, do not touch the high voltage electric wire (orange), connector, or any of the electric components and devices. This may cause electric shock and lead to injuries.
  • When a vehicle accident occurs and the high voltage battery is damaged, harmful gas and electrolytes may leak. Be careful not to touch the leaked liquid.

    When you suspect leakage of inflammable gas and other harmful gases, open the windows and evacuate to a safe place. If any leaked fluid comes in contact with your eyes or skin, immediately clean the affected area thoroughly with tap water or saline solution and have doctors inspect it as soon as possible.

  • If a small scale fire occurs, use a fire extinguisher (ABC, BC) that is meant for electrical fires. If it is impossible to extinguish the fire in the early stage, maintain a safe distance away from the vehicle and immediately call your local fire emergency responders.

    Also, advise them that an electric vehicle is involved.

    If the fire spreads to the high voltage battery, large amounts of water is needed to put out the fire. Using small amounts of water or fire extinguishers not meant for electrical fires could cause serious injury or death from electrical shocks.

  • If you cannot put out the fire immediately, the high voltage battery may explode. Evacuate to a safe place and do not let other people approach the site. Contact the fire department and notify them of an electric vehicle fire.

    If the vehicle is flooded with water, immediately turn OFF the vehicle and evacuate to a safe place. Contact the fire department or an authorized Kia dealer/service partner.

  • If you tow the vehicle while the front wheels are touching the ground, the vehicle motor may generate electricity and the motor components may be damaged or a fire may occur.

Other precautions for electric vehicle

  • When a vehicle fire occurs due to the battery, there is a risk of a second fire.

    Contact your local fire emergency responders when towing the vehicle.

  • When you clean the motor compartment, do not use high pressure water to wash. This may cause an electric shock due to a discharge in high voltage electricity, or damage the vehicle's electric system.
  • Never disconnect the high voltage cut-off switch except in an emergency situation. Serious problems may occur, such as the vehicle will not start.


Use, remodel, or install only Kia Genuine Parts or those of an equivalent standard.

If not, this may damage the electric power system.


Putting the excessive force to the switch lever while shutting down the high voltage battery may severely damage the high voltage cut-off switch.


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