KIA Niro: Electric vehicle guide (Kia Niro EV)

KIA Niro EV / Hybrid (SG2) - (2021-2023) - Owner's manual / Electric vehicle guide (Kia Niro EV)


 Review of electric vehicle

An electric vehicle is driven using a battery and an electric motor. While general vehicles use an internal combustion engine and gasoline as fuel, electric vehicles use electrical energy that is charged & stored inside the high voltage bat

 Main components of electric vehicle

 High Voltage (HV) battery (lithium-ion polymer)

On-Board Charger (OBC): Transforms (inverts) AC power charge power, to DC power, to charge the high voltage battery Inverter: Transforms direct current into alternating current to supply power to the motor, and transforms alternating


 Curtain Airbag (CAB)

Description Curtain airbags are installed inside the headliner (LH and RH) and protect the driver and passenger from danger when side crash occurs. The SRSCM determines deployment of curtain airbag by using side impact sensor (SIS) signal. Wa

 Crash Pad Side Cover

Crash Pad Side Cover Components and components location LH Crash pad side cover (LH) RH Crash pad side cover (RH) Crash Pad Side Cover Repair procedures Replacement Warning Put on gloves to protect your hands. Warning U