KIA Niro: Charge types for electric vehicle

Charging information

  • AC Charge: The electric vehicle is charged by plugging into a AC charger installed at your home or a public charging station.
  • DC Charge: You can charge at high speeds at public charging stations. Refer to the respective company's manual that is provided for each DC charger type. Battery performance and durability can deteriorate if the DC charger is used constantly.

    Use of DC charge should be minimized in order to help prolong high voltage battery life.

  • Portable Charge: The Electric vehicle can be charged by using household electricity.

    The electrical outlet at your home must comply with regulations and can safely accommodate the Voltage/Current (Amps)/Power (Watts) ratings specified on the portable charge.

Charging time information

Charging time information


Depending on the condition and durability of the high voltage battery, charger specifications, and ambient temperature, the time required for charging the high voltage battery may vary.

Charging types

Charging types

  • Actual charger image and charging method may vary in accordance with the charger manufacturer.
  • A maximum diagnosis time of 3 minutes may be added to check the battery condition during the battery charging process.

Charge indicator lamp for electric vehicle

Charging status

When charging the high voltage battery, the charge level can be checked from outside the vehicle.

Electric charging door
Electric charging door

Charging status

  • When charging, the indicator lamp blinks according to each level of the battery.
  • When charging fails, the indicator lamp blinks in red.


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