KIA Niro: Charging electric vehicle


 Charging door

Opening the charging door Operation Press the right center edge of the charging door. The charging door is not open when the vehicle is locked. Closing the charging door Operation Close the charging door by pressing rear

 AC charge

* Actual charger image and charging method may vary in accordance with the charger manufacturer. How to connect AC charger Depress the brake pedal and apply the parking brake.  Turn OFF all switches, shift to P (Park), and turn OF

 DC charge

You can charge at high speeds at public charging stations. Refer to the respective company's manual that is provided for each DC charger type. Battery performance and durability can deteriorate if the DC charger is used constantly. U


 Climate control system components

A: Outside air B: Recirculated air C: Climate control air filter D: Blower E: Evaporator core F: Heater core The climate control air filter installed behind the glove box filters the dust or other pollutants that come into the v

 Pre-Charge Resistor

Specification Description Pre-Charge Resistor is integrated into the Power Relay Assembly (PRA). It protects the high voltage circuit by limiting the current while the inverter capacitor is being charged. PRA Operation Sequence Cir