KIA Niro: Welcome system

The surroundings or the interior will be appeared when the driver approaches or exits the vehicle.

Illuminating functions

Door handle lamp

Door handle lamp


  • Door handle lamp will turn on for approximately 15 seconds.

Operating condition(s)

  • All the doors (and tailgate) are closed and locked.

Headlamp escort function


  • The headlamps remain on for approximately 5 minutes if the vehicle is in ACC or OFF position with the headlamps ON.
  • The headlamps turn off after 15 seconds if the driver door is opened and closed.

Operating condition(s)

  • Vehicle is in the ACC position.
  • The driver's door is opened and closed.

Interior illumination


The room lamp will turn on.

  • For approximately 30 seconds.

Operating condition(s)

  • Map lamp switch is in DOOR mode.
  • All the doors (and tailgate) are closed and locked.


     Interior lights

    Automatic turn-off function (Kia Niro EV) Operation The interior lights will turn off. After approximately 20 minutes. Operating condition(s) The vehicle is in the OFF position. The lights are in the ON position.

     Map lamp

    Type A Type B Operation Press or touch the lamp (1) to turn the map lamp ON. (2): DOOR mode (3): Front and rear room lamps on and off. INFORMATION- (Kia Niro Hybrid only) DOOR mode The map lamp and room lamp come on

     Room lamp (Kia NIRO Hybrid

    Type A Type B Operation Press the switch to turn the room lamp on and off. Luggage room lamp (Kia NIRO Hybrid Operation Open the tailgate. The lamp will turn on. Vanity mirror lamp (if equipped) Operation The


     Rear / Front Inlet Cooling Duct

    Removal Warning Be sure to read and follow the "General Safety Information and Caution" before doing any work related with the high voltage system. Failure to follow the safety instructions may result in serious electrical inj

     Rear Shock Absorber Repair procedures

    Rear Suspension System / Components And Components Location Stabilizer bar Rear sub frame Rear upper arm Rear shock absorber Rear axle Assist arm Trailing arm Coil spring Rear Shock Absorber Repair procedures Removal Dis