KIA Niro: EV mode screen

EV menu

If you select the EV menu at the multimedia system home screen, you can enter EV menu.

EV menu

* The image of EV menu screen in this manual may differ from the actual screen depending on the vehicle specification and the version of the multimedia system software.


The infotainment system may change after software updates. For more information, refer to the manual provided in the infotainment system and the quick reference guide.

EV mode screen

EV mode screen

A. Electric Vehicle

  1. Energy Information
  2. Next Departure
  3. Charging and Climate
  4. Vehicle to Load (V2L)
  5. Nearby Stations
  6. EV Settings
  7. Menu


     Next departure

    A: Electric vehicle Next departure Select EV ? Next departure on the screen. You can set the date and time of when to charge the battery, climate control temperature, and other various functions. Departure time A: Next departure

     Charging and climate

    A: Electric Vehicle Scheduled charging and target temperature Select EV ? Scheduled charging and target temperature on the screen. NOTICE Vehicle must be connected with the charging connector at the time prescheduled time for the sc

     Vehicle to load (V2L)

    V2L is the system that provides AC power using the high voltage battery for driving to operate several electronical products. A: Electric Vehicle EV Charge Transfer Select EV ? EV Charge Transfer on the screen. You can set the batt


     Smart Key Repair procedures, Smart Key Unit

    Adjustment Smart Key Code Saving Connect the VCI II in driver side crash pad lower panel, turn the power on KDS. Select the vehicle model and then do "Smart key code saving". After selecting "Smart Key Code

     LCD display modes

    * : if equipped * If you press OK button for more than 1 second when the Driving Assist mode is being displayed, it leads to Driver assistance settings menu on the infotainment system screen. Electric energy economy Average electric