KIA Niro: Main components of electric vehicle


 High Voltage (HV) battery (lithium-ion polymer)

On-Board Charger (OBC): Transforms (inverts) AC power charge power, to DC power, to charge the high voltage battery Inverter: Transforms direct current into alternating current to supply power to the motor, and transforms alternating

 High voltage battery warmer system

The high voltage battery warmer system prevents reduction of battery output when battery temperature is low. If the charging connector is connected, the warmer system automatically operates according to the battery temperature. Charging time

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 Seat Belt System

Pretensioner (BPT) / Description And Operation The Seat Belt Pretensioners (BPT) are installed inside Center Pillar (LH & RH). When a vehicle crashes with a certain degree of frontal impact, the pretensioner seat belt helps to reduce the se

 Fuel Delivery System

Components Location Fuel Tank Assembly Fuel tank Fuel pump Fuel filter Fuel pressure regulator Canister Fuel tank air Filter Fuel pressure sensor (FPS) Fuel tank pressure sensor (FTPS) Fuel level sensor (FLS) Fuel tank iso