KIA Niro: Charging the electric vehicle (Abrupt stop)

Action to be taken when charging stops abruptly

When the high voltage battery does not charge, check the followings:

  • Check the charging setting for the vehicle. Refer to "EV settings"  (e.g. When scheduled charging is set, charging is not initiated immediately when the AC charger or portable charger (ICCB: In-Cable Control Box) is connected.)
  • Check the operation status of AC charger, portable charger and DC charger. (Refer to "Charging status")

* Actual method for indicating the charging status may vary in accordance with the charger manufacturer.

  • When the vehicle does not charge and a warning message appears on the cluster, check the corresponding message.

    Refer to "LCD display messages"

  • If the vehicle is properly charged when charged with another normally working charger, contact the charger manufacturer.
  • If the vehicle does not charge when charged with another normally working charger, we recommend that you contact an authorized Kia dealer/service partner for inspection.
  • If charging fails and the service warning light ( ) is lit in the cluster, we recommend that you contact an authorized Kia dealer/service partner.


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