KIA Niro: Power/Charge gauge

Power/Charge gauge

The Power/Charge Gauge shows the energy consumption rate of the vehicle and the charge/discharge status of the regenerative brakes.

  • Power: It shows the energy consumption rate of the vehicle when driving uphill or accelerating. The more electric energy is used, the higher the gauge level.
  • Charge: It shows the charging status of the battery when it is being charged by the regenerative brakes (decelerating or driving on a downhill road). The more electric energy is charged, the lower the gauge level.

State of charge (SOC) gauge for high voltage battery

State of charge (SOC) gauge for high voltage battery

The SOC gauge shows the charging status of the high voltage battery.

If the gauge is near the "0 (Low)" level, there is not enough energy in the high voltage battery. Full gauge indicates that the driving battery is fully charged.

When driving on highways or motorways, make sure to check in advance if the driving battery is charged enough.

State of charge (SOC) gauge for high voltage battery

When the remaining battery is lower than 10% on the SOC gauge, the warning light ( ) turns ON to alert you of the battery level.

When the warning light ( ) turns ON, the vehicle can drive an additional 25~35 km (15~20 miles) depending on the driving speed, heater/air conditioner, weather, driving style, and other factors.

Charging is required.


When the available vehicle range is below 25~35 km (15~20 miles), the vehicle speed is limited and then eventually the vehicle will turn OFF. Charge the vehicle immediately.


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