KIA Niro: How to connect

Outdoor (if equipped)

Outdoor (if equipped)

  1. Open the cover of the V2L connector.
  2.  Close the cover after connecting home appliances and electronic products to the power outlet.
  3.  Connect the V2L connector to the charging hole on the vehicle.
  4. Press the switch (A) of the V2L connector and check whether the light (B) is on or off. The light (B) may not turn on normally when:
  • See the battery discharging limit for high voltage battery for driving in Energy consumption menu on the screen. If it is higher than the current amounts of high voltage battery, the light (B) does not turn on.
  • Check whether the light of V2L connector or indoor power outlet turns on or not.
  • If the warning message for V2L appears on the cluster, refer to "LCD display messages".
  • If V2L does not operate previously when you connects another home appliances, we recommend to visit an authorized Kia dealer/service partner.
  1. Press the switch (A) to turn off the light (B) the V2L will be off. You can disconnect the V2 connector when the light (B) turns off or the charging door lock is deactivated pressing the door unlock button on the smart key.

Indoor (if equipped)

  1. Connect to the power outlet located in bottom of the rear seat with the EV button in the ON (READY) position.
  2. Use the mechanical key to unlock the power outlet cover.

Indoor (if equipped)

  1. Check the operation status through the front indicator of the power outlet.

Indoor (if equipped)

  • Blue: Standby
  • Red: No power supply even the power outlet is connected
  • Green: Normal power supply through the normal connection of the power outlet.


     LCD display messages

    V2L finished. Defined charge level reached A: V2L finished. Defined charge level reached When the high voltage battery level reaches the discharging limit set level, the V2L will stop and the warning will be displayed. If you want to use th

     Nearby stations

    A: Electric Vehicle Select EV and see the map from the infotainment system screen. Stations around the current location are searched. A: Electric Vehicle Select the icon on the screen. Around the course, around the current site, aro

     Battery conditioning mode (if equipped)

    A: EV Settings Battery conditioning mode Battery conditioning mode The Battery conditioning mode is efficient during the winter time when the high voltage battery temperature is low. This mode is recommended to improve driving


     Rear Bumper Assembly

    Rear bumper assembly Replacement Warning Put on gloves to protect your hands. Warning Use a plastic panel removal tool to remove interior trim pieces without marring the surface. Be careful not to bend or scratch the trim and pa

     Good driving practices

    Never change the gear from P (Park) or N (Neutral) to any other position with the accelerator pedal depressed. Never change the gear into P (Park) when the vehicle is moving. Stop the vehicle completely before changing the gear into R