KIA Niro: Shift dial SBW type

Shift dial SBW type

  • P (Park)
  • R (Reverse)
  • N (Neutral)
  • D (Drive)


  1. Depress the brake pedal and turn the knob to the desired position.
  2.  Press P button to shift to P (Park).

Transmission ranges

The indicator in the instrument cluster displays the shift lever position when the ignition switch is in the ON position.

Transmission ranges

P (Park)

Always come to a complete stop before shifting into P (Park). To shift from P (Park), you must depress firmly on the brake pedal and make sure your foot is off the accelerator pedal. If you have done all of the above and still cannot shift the lever out of P (Park), see "Overriding shift lock".The shift lever must be in P (Park) before turning the engine off.

N in vehicle ON position

N in vehicle ON position


  1. Deactivate AUTO HOLD and release the parking brake.
  2. Depress the brake pedal.
  3. Turn the shift dial to N (Neutral) and the message will appear on the instrument cluster.
  4.  Press and hold the OK button on the steering wheel for more than 1 second.
  5. Turn the engine off after the message appears on the instrument cluster.

Operating condition(s)

  • The vehicle is in ON position.

When the battery is discharged


  1. Connect the battery cables to the jump-starting terminals inside the engine compartment. For more details, refer to "Jump-starting"
  2. Release the parking brake when the vehicle is in ON position.
  3. Shift to N (Neutral).


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