KIA Niro: Transmission (Kia NIRO Hybrid)


 Dual clutch transmission

Shift lever type Depress the brake pedal and the lock release button when shifting. Press the unlock button when shifting. The shift lever can be shifted freely. P (Park) R (Reverse) N (Neutral) D (Drive) Operation Depress

 Shift dial SBW type

P (Park) R (Reverse) N (Neutral) D (Drive) Operation Depress the brake pedal and turn the knob to the desired position.  Press P button to shift to P (Park). Transmission ranges The indicator in the instrument cluster

 Characteristics of Dual clutch transmission

The dual clutch transmission has seven forward speeds and one reverse speed.The individual speeds are selected automatically when the shift lever is in the D (Drive) position. The dual clutch transmission can be thought of as an automatical


 Battery Current Sensor

Specification Battery Current Sensor Specification Description Battery Current Sensor is integrated into the Power Relay Assembly (PRA) and measures the current of the high voltage battery during charging or discharging. Installation

 Front Seat Cushion Cover | Front Seat Frame Assembly

Component Location Front seat cushion cover Replacement Remove the front seat shield inner cover. (Refer to Front Seat - "Front Seat Shield Inner Cover") Remove the front seat outer shield cover. (Ref