KIA Niro: Dual clutch transmission

Shift lever type

Shift lever type

Depress the brake pedal and the lock release button when shifting.

Press the unlock button when shifting.

The shift lever can be shifted freely.

  • P (Park)
  • R (Reverse)
  • N (Neutral)
  • D (Drive)


  • Depress the brake pedal and shift the lever.

Manual mode

Manual mode


  1. Push the shift lever from D (Drive) position into the manual gate.
  • Up (+): Push the lever forward once to shift up one gear.
  • Down (-): Pull the lever backwards once to shift down one gear.
  1. Push the shift lever back into D (Drive) position to return to automatic mode.

Shift lock

Shift lock prevents shifting from P (Park) into R (Reverse) unless the brake pedal is depressed.


  1. Depress and hold the brake pedal.
  2. Turn the vehicle to the ON position.
  3. Move the shift lever.


If the brake pedal is repeatedly depressed and released with the shift lever in the P (Park), a chattering noise near the shift lever may be heard. This is a normal condition.

Overriding shift lock

If the shift lever cannot be moved from the P (Park) position into R (Reverse) position.

Overriding shift lock


  1. Continue depressing the brake.
  2. Turn the vehicle to the OFF position.
  3. Make sure the parking brake is applied.
  4. Carefully remove the shift knob boot.
  5.  Insert a tool (e.g. flathead screwdriver) into the access hole and press down on the tool.
  6. Move the shift lever.
  7. Remove the tool from the shift lock override access hole then install the knob boot (1).

If the shift lever does not move even after performing this procedure, have the system inspected by a professional workshop. Kia recommends to visit an authorized Kia dealer/service partner

Parking in N (Neutral) gear

Follow below steps when parking and you want the vehicle to move when pushed.

  1. After parking your vehicle, step on the brake pedal and move the shift lever to P (Park) with the ignition button in ON or while the engine is running.
  2. If the parking brake is applied unlock the parking brake.
  3. While pressing the brake pedal, turn the ignition button OFF. For smart key equipped vehicles, the ignition switch can be moved to OFF only when the shift lever is in P (Park).
  4. Change the gear shift lever to N (Neutral) while pressing the brake pedal.

    Pull the shift lever boot, inserting, pressing down a tool (e.g.,flathead screw-driver) into the shift lock release access hole at the same time.

    Then, the vehicle will move when external force is applied.


  • With the exception of parking in neutral gear, always park the vehicle in P (Park) for safety and engage the parking brake.
  • Before parking in N (Neutral) gear, first make sure the parking ground is level and flat. Do not park in N (Neutral) gear on any slopes or gradients.

    If parked and left in N (Neutral), the vehicle may move and cause serious damage and injury.


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