KIA Niro: Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA)


 Remote Smart Parking Assist settings

Remote Smart Parking Assist uses vehicle sensors to help the driver park and exit parking spaces remotely from outside the vehicle by controlling the steering wheel, vehicle speed and gearshifts. Remote Operation function may be operate

 Remote Operation

Operating order Remote Operation operates in the following order: Getting ready to remotely move forward and backward  Remotely moving forward and backward 1. Getting ready to remotely move forward and backward There are two ways t

 Remote Operation function operation status

NOTICE Operation status by the hazard warning light may not be applicable based on the regulation of your country. If the smart key is not within the operating range from the vehicle (approximately 4m (13 ft.)), the smart key LED


 Direct Oncoming function (if equipped) Kia Niro EV

Warning and control The Direct Oncoming function is warned and controlled by the following level. Collision warning Emergency braking Stopping vehicle and ending brake control Collision warning A: Collision Warning! The warning mes

 Map lamp

Type A Type B Operation Press or touch the lamp (1) to turn the map lamp ON. (2): DOOR mode (3): Front and rear room lamps on and off. INFORMATION- (Kia Niro Hybrid only) DOOR mode The map lamp and room lamp come on