KIA Niro: Remote Smart Parking Assist malfunction

Remote Smart Parking Assist check

Remote Smart Parking Assist check

A: Check Parking Assist

  1. Visit a nearby service center

When Remote Smart Parking Assist is not working properly, the warning message will appear on the infotainment system screen. If the message appears, stop using Remote Smart Parking Assist, and we recommend that you have your vehicle inspected by an authorized Kia dealer/service partner.

Remote Smart Parking Assist canceled

Remote Smart Parking Assist canceled

A: Parking Assist cancelled.

  1. Please refer to owner's manual.

When Remote Parking Assist is operating, the function can be canceled, and the warning message may appear regardless of the parking order. Other messages may appear depending on the situations. Follow the instructions provided on the infotainment system screen while parking your vehicle with Remote Parking Assist. Always look around and pay attention when using Remote Smart Parking Assist.

Remote Smart Parking Assist standby

Remote Smart Parking Assist standby

A: Parking Assist conditions not met

  1. Please refer to owner's manual.

When the message appears, when Parking/ View ( ) button has been pressed and held, Remote Smart Parking Assist is in standby. After a while, press and hold the Parking/View ( ) button again to see if Remote Smart Parking Assist works.

The message appears even when the smart key's battery is low. Check the smart key battery level.


     Limitations of Remote Smart Parking Assist

    In the following circumstances, Remote Smart Parking Assist performance to park or exit the vehicle may be limited, there may be a risk of collision, or Remote Smart Parking Assist may turn off. Park or exit the vehicle manually if necessary.

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