KIA Niro: Remote Operation function operation status

Remote Operation function operation status


  • Operation status by the hazard warning light may not be applicable based on the regulation of your country.
  • If the smart key is not within the operating range from the vehicle (approximately 4m (13 ft.)), the smart key LED will not appear or blink. Use the smart key within the operating range.

How to turn off Remote Operation function while operating

  • Press the Parking/View ( ) button or shift the gear except to P (Park) while the infotainment system screen guides the driver using method 2.
  • Press the Parking Safety ( ) button or select 'Cancel' on the infotainment system screen.
  • Press the Remote Start ( ) button on the smart key while the vehicle is being controlled by Remote Operation function. Remote Operation function will turn off. At this time, the vehicle will turn off.
  • Get on the vehicle with the smart key.

    Remote Operation function will turn off. At this time, the vehicle will remain on.

The function will pause in the following conditions when:

When Remote operation function is paused, the vehicle will stop. If the condition that made the function to pause disappears, the function may operate again.

  • There is a pedestrian, animal or object in the direction the vehicle is moving
  • The door or tailgate is open
  • The Forward ( ) or Backward ( ) button is not continuously pressed
  • Simultaneously pressing multiple buttons on a smart key
  • The smart key is not operated within 4 m (13 ft.) from the vehicle
  • Button of another smart key is pressed in addition to the operating smart key (Excluding start button)
  • Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist or Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist operates while the vehicle is being controlled in the reverse direction.
  • The vehicle moves 7 m (22 ft.) while the smart key is pressed with Remote Operation function (maximum travel distance per button press)

The function will cancel in the following conditions when:

When Remote Operation function is canceled, the vehicle will automatically stop, shift the gear to P (Park) and engage EPB (Electronic Parking Brake).

  • The steering wheel is steered
  • The gear is shifted while the vehicle is moving
  • Operating EPB while the vehicle is moving
  • The hood is open
  • The brake pedal or accelerator pedal is depressed when all the doors are closed
  • The smart key is outside the vehicle when the brake pedal is depressed while the driver's door is open
  • Rapid acceleration occurs
  • Vehicle skid occurs
  • The wheel is stuck by an obstacle and cannot move
  • Approximately 3 minutes and 50 seconds have past after Remote Operation function has started to operate
  • The slope of the road exceeds the operational range
  • The function is paused for more than 1 minute
  • The total travel distance of the vehicle has exceeded 14 m (45 ft.) after Remote Operation function operation
  • The steering wheel, gearshift, braking, and drive controls are not working properly
  • There is a problem with the smart key or the smart key battery is low
  • ABS, TCS or ESC system operates due to slippery road conditions
  • The alarm of the Theft Alarm System sounds
  • The charging door opens (Kia Niro EV only)


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