KIA Niro: Shift-lock system

Shift-lock system prevents shifting the gear from P (Park) into N (Neutral)/R (Reverse)/D (Drive) or N (Neutral) into R (Reverse)/D (Drive) unless the brake pedal is depressed.


  • ALWAYS check the surrounding areas near your vehicle for people, especially children, before shifting a vehicle into D (Drive) or R (Reverse).
  • Before leaving the driver's seat, always make sure the gear is in the P (Park) position, then set the parking brake, and place the Power button in the OFF position. Unexpected and sudden vehicle movement can occur if these precautions are not followed.
  • Shifting into P (Park) while the vehicle is in motion may cause you to lose control of the vehicle.
  • After the vehicle has stopped, always make sure P (Park) gear position is selected, apply the parking brake, and turn the vehicle off.
  • Do not use the P (Park) position in place of the parking brake.
  • When you park the vehicle, make sure Electronic Parking Brake is applied even though the gear is in the P (Park) position.
  • If equipped with Electronic Parking Brake, parking brake is applied automatically when the gear is shifted to P (Park).


Always come to a complete stop before shifting into or out of R (Reverse); you may damage the reduction gear if you shift into R (Reverse) while the vehicle is in motion, except on "Rocking the vehicle"


  • Always depress the brake pedal while shifting to another gear.
  • You cannot shift the gear while the charging cable is connected.


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