KIA Niro: Reduction gear (Kia Niro EV)


 Changing gear

Operation Turn the shift dial. Press P button to shift to P (Park). Gear position The indicator in the instrument cluster displays the gear position when the EV button is in ON position. Automatic shift to P (Park) Operating con

 Shift-lock system

Shift-lock system prevents shifting the gear from P (Park) into N (Neutral)/R (Reverse)/D (Drive) or N (Neutral) into R (Reverse)/D (Drive) unless the brake pedal is depressed. WARNING ALWAYS check the surrounding areas near your vehicle f

 LCD display messages

A: Shifting conditions not met. Reduce speed, then shift When driving speed is too fast to shift the gear. When the gear is shifted while the vehicle is in Utility mode. A: Press brake pedal to change gear When the brake pedal is


 Immobilizer system

The immobilizer system reduces the risk of unauthorized vehicle use. It is comprised of a small transponder in the ignition switch and electronic devices inside the vehicle. It checks and determines and verifies if the ignition key is valid o

 Stop Lamp Switch

Stop Lamp Switch Components and components location Brake pedal member assembly Stop lamp switch Brake pedal arm Brake pedal pad Brake pedal stroke sensor Operation Operation principle of inductive non-contact switch Use the