KIA Niro: Changing gear

Changing gear


  • Turn the shift dial.
  • Press P button to shift to P (Park).

Gear position

Gear position

The indicator in the instrument cluster displays the gear position when the EV button is in ON position.

Automatic shift to P (Park)

Operating condition(s)

  • The driver door is opened in R (Reverse), N (Neutral), D (Drive) while vehicle is in ON position.
  • The vehicle is in OFF position while the gear is in R (Reverse), N (Neutral), D (Drive).

Non-operating condition(s)

  • When the vehicle is above certain speed

N (Neutral) in vehicle ON/ACC position

If you want to stay in N (Neutral) when the vehicle is the ACC or ON state, do the following.

N (Neutral) in vehicle ON/ACC position


  1. Deactivate AUTO HOLD and release the parking brake when the vehicle is in ON position.
  2. Depress the brake pedal.
  3. Turn the shift dial to N (Neutral).
  4. Take your foot off the brake pedal, and the message will appear on the instrument cluster.
  5. Press and hold the OK button on the steering wheel for more than 1 second.

    If the Electronic Parking Brake is applied, release the Electronic Parking Brake manually while depressing the brake pedal.

    If equipped with Electronic Parking Brake, it is not released automatically when you turn the shift dial to N (Neutral).

  6. Press the EV button after the message appears on the instrument cluster.

    The vehicle stays in N (Neutral) after turning off the vehicle.


Do not open the driver's door when going through an automatic car wash tunnel machine. Failure to follow this instruction can damage your vehicle or the car wash machine. If the driver's door is opened within 3 minutes after shifting to N (Neutral), your vehicle will automatically shift the gear to P (Park).

For vehicles equipped with Electronic Parking Brake (EPB), the parking brake is automatically applied.


With the gear in N (Neutral), the vehicle will be in the ACC position. Note that the doors cannot be locked in ACC position or the battery (12V) may discharge if left in the ACC position for a long period.


     Shift-lock system

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     LCD display messages

    A: Shifting conditions not met. Reduce speed, then shift When driving speed is too fast to shift the gear. When the gear is shifted while the vehicle is in Utility mode. A: Press brake pedal to change gear When the brake pedal is

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     Head-Up Display (HUD)

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