KIA Niro: Rear View Monitor malfunction and limitations

Rear View Monitor malfunction

When Rear View Monitor is not working properly, or the screen flickers, or the camera image does not display properly, Kia recommends visiting an authorized Kia dealer/service partner.

Limitations of Rear View Monitor

When the vehicle is stopped for a long time in winter or when the vehicle is parked in an indoor parking lot, the exhaust fumes may temporarily blur the image.


  • The rear view camera does not cover the complete area behind the vehicle.

    The driver should always check the rear area directly through the inside and outside rearview mirror before parking or backing up.

  • The image shown on the screen may differ from the actual distance of the object. Make sure to directly check the vehicle's surroundings for safety.
  • Always keep the rear view camera lens clean. If the lens is covered with foreign material, it may adversely affect camera performance and Rear View Monitor may not operate properly.

    However, do not use chemical solvents such as strong detergents containing high alkaline or volatile organic solvents (gasoline, acetone etc.). This may damage the camera lens.


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