KIA Niro: Rear View Monitor (RVM)


 Rear View Monitor settings

Rear View Monitor (RVM) (if equipped) Rear View Monitor shows the area behind the vehicle to assist you when parking or backing up. Detecting sensor Kia NIRO Hybrid Rear view camera Kia Niro EV Wide-rear view camera Refer to the pic

 Rear View Monitor operation

Parking/View button Press the Parking/View button (1) to turn on Rear View Monitor. Press the button again to turn off the function. Rear view function Operating conditions Rear View Monitor will turn on when the following condition

 Rear View Monitor malfunction and limitations

Rear View Monitor malfunction When Rear View Monitor is not working properly, or the screen flickers, or the camera image does not display properly, Kia recommends visiting an authorized Kia dealer/service partner. Limitations of Rear View Moni


 Hybrid battery cooling duct (Hybrid vehicle)

| Under the rear seats The hybrid battery cooling duct is located under the rear seats. The cooling duct cools down the hybrid battery. When the hybrid battery cooling duct is blocked, the hybrid battery may be overheated. Clean the cool

 Using the remote key (Kia NIRO Hybrid)

* The information provided may differ according to which functions are applicable to your vehicle. Keys Record your key number The key code number is stamped on the key code tag attached to the key set. If you lose your keys, Kia recommends