KIA Niro: Reverse Parking Distance Warning (PDW)


 Reverse Parking Distance Warning settings

Reverse Parking Distance Warning (PDW) (if equipped) Reverse Parking Distance Warning will help warn the driver if a person, an animal or an object is detected within a certain distance when the vehicle is moving in reverse. Detecting sensor

 Reverse Parking Distance Warning operation

Parking Safety button (if equipped) Press the Parking Safety ( ) button to turn on or off Reverse Parking Distance Warning. When Reverse Parking Distance Warning is off (button indicator light off), if you shift the gear to R (Reve

 Reverse Parking Distance Warning malfunction and precautions

Reverse Parking Distance Warning malfunction After starting the vehicle, a beep will sound once when the gear is shifted to R (Reverse) to indicate Reverse Parking Distance Warning is operating normally. However, if one or more of the followin


 Connecting Rod

Check the connecting rod side clearance. Using a feeler gauge, measure the end play while moving the connecting rod back and forth. If out-of-tolerance, install a new connecting rod. If still out-of-tolerance, replace the crankshaft.

 Knock Sensor (KS)

Specification Knock Sensor (KS) Description and operation Description Knocking is a phenomenon characterized by undesirable vibration and noise that can cause engine damage. Knock Sensor (KS) is installed on the cylinder block and senses en