KIA Niro: Reverse Parking Distance Warning operation

Parking Safety button (if equipped)

Parking Safety button (if equipped)

Press the Parking Safety ( ) button to turn on or off Reverse Parking Distance Warning.

  • When Reverse Parking Distance Warning is off (button indicator light off), if you shift the gear to R (Reverse), Reverse Parking Distance Warning will automatically turn on.
  • If you shift the gear to R (Reverse), Reverse Parking Distance Warning will not turn off even if you press the Parking Safety ( ) button for your safety.

Reverse Parking Distance Warning

Reverse Parking Distance Warning will operate under the following conditions.

  • Shift the gear to R (Reverse).
  • The vehicle's speed is below 10 km/h (6 mph).

Warning indication and warning sound

Warning indication and warning sound

  • The corresponding indicator will appear on the cluster or infotainment system whenever each ultrasonic sensor detects a person, animal or object in its sensing range. Also an audible warning will sound.
  • When more than two objects are detected at the same time, the closest one will be warned with an audible warning.
  • Distance from object may be detected differently when obstacles are not located in front of the sensor.
  • The shape of the indicator in the illustration may differ from the actual vehicle.


     Reverse Parking Distance Warning malfunction and precautions

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     Forward/Reverse Parking Distance Warning (PDW)

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    Forward/Reverse Parking Distance Warning (PDW) (if equipped) Forward/Reverse Parking Distance Warning will help warn the driver if an obstacle is detected within a certain distance when the vehicle is moving forward or in reverse at low speeds


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