KIA Niro: Driver Attention Warning (DAW)


 Driver Attention Warning settings

Driver Attention Warning (DAW) (if equipped) Basic function Driver Attention Warning can help determine the driver's attention level by analyzing driving pattern and driving time while the vehicle is driven. Driver Attention Warning will r

 Driver Attention Warning operation

Basic function The basic function of Driver Attention Warning is to warn the driver 'Consider taking a break'. Taking a break A: Consider taking a break Warning message will appear on the cluster and an audible warning will sound

 Driver Attention Warning malfunction and limitations

Driver Attention Warning malfunction A: Check Driver Attention Warning (DAW) system When Driver Attention Warning is not working properly, the warning message will appear on the cluster for several seconds, and the master ( ) warning light


 Seat belt restraint system

Seat belt warning light Front seat belt warning light (Kia NIRO Hybrid) Operating condition(s) When the vehicle is running The front seat belt warning light will appear for approximately 6 seconds When the front seat belt is unfastene

 Pre-Charge Resistor

Specification Description Pre-Charge Resistor is integrated into the Power Relay Assembly (PRA). It protects the high voltage circuit by limiting the current while the inverter capacitor is being charged. PRA Operation Sequence Cir