KIA Niro: Resuming smart regeneration system

To re-activate the Smart Regeneration System while driving, with the vehicle on, touch Settings ? Vehicle ? Eco Vehicle ? Smart Recuperation on the infotainment system or pull and hold the right side paddle shifter for over 1 second.

Then AUTO for the regenerative braking level will appear on the cluster.


The infotainment system may change after software updates. For more information, refer to the manual provided in the infotainment system and the quick reference guide.

Basic setting of smart regeneration system

With the Smart Regeneration System ON, Pull and hold the right side of the paddle shifter for more than 1 second to set the regenerative braking level.

The automatic regenerative braking step adjustment by the smart regenerative system operates in steps beyond the set basic step.

Vehicle-to-vehicle distance recognition sensor

In order for the Smart Regeneration System to operate properly, always make sure the radar sensor cover is clean and free of dirt, snow, and debris.

Dirt, snow, or foreign substances on the lens may adversely affect the sensing performance of the sensor. In this case, the system operation may stop temporarily and not operate normally.

Front radar

Front radar


  • Do not apply license plate frame or foreign objects such as a bumper sticker or a bumper guard near the radar sensor. Doing so may adversely affect the sensing performance of the radar.
  • Always keep the radar sensor and lens cover clean and free of dirt and debris.
  • Use only a soft cloth to wash the vehicle.

    Do not spray pressurized water directly on the sensor or sensor cover.

  • Be careful not to apply unnecessary force on the radar sensor or sensor cover. If the sensor is forcibly moved out of proper alignment, the Smart Regeneration System may not operate correctly. In this case, a warning message may not be displayed. Have the vehicle inspected by an authorized Kia dealer/service partner.
  • If the front bumper becomes damaged in the area around the radar sensor, the Smart Regeneration System may not operate properly. Have the vehicle inspected by an authorized Kia dealer/service partner.
  • Use only Kia Genuine Parts or those of an equivalent standard to repair or replace a damaged sensor or sensor cover. Do not apply paint to the sensor cover.

System malfunction

The following message will appear when the Smart Regeneration System is not functioning normally.

System malfunction

A: Check smart recuperation system

The message will appear when the system is not functioning normally. The system  will be canceled and the word 'AUTO' on the cluster will disappear and instead display regenerative braking level. Check for foreign substances on the front radar. Remove any dirt, snow, or foreign material that could interfere with the radar sensors. If the system still does not operate normally, take your vehicle to an authorized Kia dealer and have the system checked.


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