The AUTO HOLD maintains the vehicle in a stopped position without depressing the brake pedal.

Applying AUTO HOLD

Applying AUTO HOLD


  1. Press the AUTO HOLD button. The AUTO HOLD indicator will light up in white.
  2. The AUTO HOLD indicator changes from white to green when the vehicle is stopped.
  3. AUTO HOLD will be released automatically when the accelerator pedal is pressed in D, R, or manual mode.

    The AUTO HOLD indicator will change from green to white.

  4. Press the AUTO HOLD button again while pressing the brake pedal to cancel the AUTO HOLD operation.

Applying AUTO HOLD

Operating condition(s)

  • Brake pedal is depressed after the vehicle has started.

Non-operating condition(s)

  • P (Park) gear position is selected.
  • The EPB is applied.

AUTO HOLD warning messages

Operating condition(s)

  • When the EPB is automatically applied from AUTO HOLD
  • AUTO HOLD to EPB conversion is not working properly
  • Brake pedal is not applied when the AUTO HOLD button is pressed


If the vehicle is restarted with the AUTO HOLD button pressed, AUTO HOLD will be in the standby state.


To reduce the risk of an accident, do not activate AUTO HOLD while driving downhill, Reversing or parking your vehicle.


  • If the AUTO HOLD indicator lights up yellow, the AUTO HOLD is not working properly. Take your vehicle to a professional workshop and have the system checked. Kia recommends visiting an authorized Kia dealer/service partner.
  • A click or electric brake motor whine sound may be heard while operating or releasing the EPB, but these conditions conditions are normal and indicate that the EPB is functioning properly.
  • If the vehicle is restarted with the Auto Hold system is in the standby position or operating, the Auto hold system will continue to operate in the standby position.


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