KIA Niro: Electric A/C Compressor

Electric A/C Compressor body inside inspection

  1. Electric compressor body inside check procedure.

1) Remove the low-pressure pipe from the electric compressor.

2) Check if the copper wire and white thread inside of the compressor was contaminated.

  1. To check the compressor motor, measure the resistance of the 3-phase power pin.

1) If the 3-phase resistance value is out of specification, it means motor malfunction. Replace the whole compressor assembly.

Electric A/C Compressor inverter inspection

Electric A/C Compressor inverter inspection

  1. To check the compressor inverter, measure the resistance value of the compressor's high voltage pin, low voltage pin and insulation.

(1) High voltage pin

Normal resistance value : 100

Abnormal resistance : 100 ↑

(2) Low voatage pin

(2) Low voatage pin

  1. Measure CAN HIGH/LOW Resistance
  • Measure terminals 2 and 5.

Normal : 120 Ω Abnormal : inverter short-circuited (=0Ω)

  1. Measure CAN Ground Resistance
  • Measure terminals 1 and 2 / 1 and 5.

Normal : 13~14 KΩ / 200~600 KΩ (High Performance DSP Specifications) Abnormal : inverter short-circuited (=0Ω)

  1. Measure Interlock HIGH/LOW Resistance measure (Connect high voltage connector (A) and measure low voltage (B) 3 and 6 resistance.)

Normal : Below 1.0 Ω Abnormal : MΩ



  1. Compressor insulation resistance measurement.

Normal resistance value : check insulation resistance (Minimum : 100 MΩ) (@500 Vdc, no coolant)




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