KIA Niro: Parking Distance Warning (PDW)


  1. Integrated body control unit (IBU)
  2. Parking distance warning-forward (PDW-F) sensor
  3. Parking distance warning-reverse (PDW-R) sensor
  4. PDW on/off switch

Parking Distance Warning (PDW) Description And Operation

  • PDW consists of 8 sensors (front : 4 units, rear : 4 units) that are used to detect obstacles and transmit the result in three separate warning levels, the first, second and third to BCM via LIN communication.
  • BCM decides the alarm level by the transmitted communication message from the slave sensors, then operates the buzzer or transmits the data for display.

Block Diagram

System Operation Specification


 System Operation Specification

Initial mode System initializing time PDW-F : 500ms after IGN1+ initial D Gear + below 10 Km/h PDW-R : 500ms after IGN1+ initial R Gear PDW recognizes LID and sets the sensor ID up during initialization. PDW activates each sensor

 Parking Distance Warning (PDW) Sensor

Connector and Terminal  function Circuit Diagram Removal PDW-F (Parking Distance Warning-Forward) Sensor Remove the front bumper assembly. (Refer to Body - "Front Bumper Assembly") Disconnect the connector (A) from t


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