KIA Niro: Steering System


 Steering System / Repair Procedures

Service Data Tightening Torques Service Adjustment procedure Steering Wheel Play Inspection Turn the steering wheel so that the front wheels are facing straight ahead. Measure the distance that the steering wheel can be turned wit

 Electric Power Steering

Description MDPS (Motor Driven Power Steering) system uses an electric motor to assist the steering force and it is an engine operation independent steering system. MDPS control module controls the motor operation according to information re

 Electric Power Steering / Repair Procedures

A/S Repair produres MDPS System A/S Workflow Noise / malfunction Inspection Warning lamp (DTC) / CAN Line error 2 - 1 Checking Connectors and Wiring Checking Connectors and Wiring. Check for damage, push-back, or


 Climate control air filter

Replacing the climate control air filter Operation Open the glove box and remove the stopper (1). With the glove box open, remove the glove box by pushing the both sides of it (2). Remove the climate control air filter cover (2

 Cooling Fan Control Module (PWM) | Radiator

Disconnect the battery negative terminal. Remove the air duct.   (Refer to Intake and Exhaust System - "Air Cleaner") Disconnect the cooling fan control module (PWM) connector (A) and cooling fan motor