KIA Niro: Engine compartment

 (Kia NIRO Hybrid)

Smartstream G1.6 GDi HEV
Smartstream G1.6 GDi HEV

Smartstream G1.6 GDi PHEV
Smartstream G1.6 GDi PHEV

  1. Engine coolant reservoir
  2. Brake fluid reservoir
  3. Air cleaner
  4. Engine oil filler cap
  5. Engine oil dipstick
  6. Windshield washer fluid reservoir
  7. Fuse box
  8. Inverter coolant reservoir
  9. Electric Control Unit (ECU)
  10. Engine actuator reservoir tank

Motor room compartment (Kia Niro EV)

Motor room compartment (Kia Niro EV)

* The actual features in your vehicle may not necessarily be available due to the selected options or regions.

  1. Coolant reservoir
  2. Brake fluid reservoir

* This part is located on the opposite side for Right-hand drive vehicle.

  1. Windshield washer fluid reservoir
  2. Fuse box
  3. Negative battery terminal (-)
  4. Positive battery terminal (+)
  5. Front trunk


     Maintenance services

    Owner's responsibility Have your vehicle serviced by a professional workshop. Kia recommends to visit an authorized Kia dealer/service partner. Retain documents that show proper maintenance. Establish your compliance with the se

     Owner maintenance schedule

    When you stop for charging Check the coolant level in the coolant reservoir. Check the windshield washer fluid level. Look for low or underinflated tires. WARNING Be careful when checking your coolant level when the motor compartment

     Scheduled maintenance service (Kia NIRO Hybrid)


     Emergency commodity

    Fire extinguisher If there is small fire and you know how to use the fire extinguisher, follow these steps carefully. Pull out the safety pin at the top of the extinguisher that keeps the handle from being accidentally pressed.  Aim

     Rear / Front Inlet Cooling Duct

    Removal Warning Be sure to read and follow the "General Safety Information and Caution" before doing any work related with the high voltage system. Failure to follow the safety instructions may result in serious electrical inj