KIA Niro: Owner maintenance schedule

When you stop for charging

  • Check the coolant level in the coolant reservoir.
  • Check the windshield washer fluid level.
  • Look for low or underinflated tires.


Be careful when checking your coolant level when the motor compartment is hot. Scalding hot coolant and steam may blow out under pressure. This could cause burns or other serious injury.

While operating your vehicle

  • Check for vibrations in the steering wheel. Notice any increased steering effort or looseness in the steering wheel, or change in its straight ahead position.
  • Notice if your vehicle constantly turns slightly or "pulls" to one side when traveling on smooth, level road.
  • When stopping, listen and check for unusual sounds, pulling to one side, increased brake pedal travel, and "hard-to-push" brake pedal.
  • If any slipping or changes in the operation of your gear shift occurs, check the gear fluid level.
  • Check the parking brake.
  • Check for fluid leaks under your vehicle (water dripping from the air conditioning system during or after use is normal).

At least monthly

  • Check the coolant level in the coolant reservoir.
  • Check the operation of all exterior lights, including the stoplights, turn signals and hazard warning flashers.
  • Check the inflation pressures of all tires including the spare and look for tires that are worn of which show uneven wear or damage.
  • Check for loose wheel lug nuts.

At least twice a year

  • Check the cooling system, heater, and air conditioning hoses for leaks or damage.
  • Check the windshield washer spray and wiper operation. Clean the wiper blades with clean cloth dampened with washer fluid.
  • Check the headlamp alignment.
  • Check the lap/shoulder belts for wear and proper functioning.

At least once a year

  • Clean the body and door drain holes.
  • Lubricate the door hinges and hood hinges.
  • Lubricate the locks and latches of the doors and hood.
  • Lubricate the door rubber weatherstrips.
  • Check the air conditioning system.
  • Inspect and lubricate the shift gear linkage and controls.
  • Clean the battery and terminals.
  • Check the brake fluid level.


     Scheduled maintenance service (Kia NIRO Hybrid)

     Normal maintenance schedule - for Europe

    If your vehicle is operated in any of the severe driving conditions, you should inspect, replace or refill more frequently, using the severe usage maintenance schedule instead of the normal usage maintenance schedule. Normal maintenance schedule

     Maintenance under severe usage conditions - for Europe

    I: Inspect and if necessary, adjust, correct, clean or replace. R: Replace or change. Repeated driving short distance of less than 8 km (5 miles) in normal temperature or less than 16 km (10 miles) in freezing temperature Extensive en


     Replacing license plate lamp (Bulb type)

    Operation Turn off vehicle and disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. Using a screwdriver, gently pry the lamp assembly. Remove the bulb by pulling it straight out. Install a new bulb in the socket. Install the lamp

     Safe Exit Warning settings

    After the vehicle stops, when an approaching vehicle from the rear area is detected as soon as a passenger opens a door, Safe Exit Warning will warn the driver with a warning message and an audible warning to help prevent a collision. CAUT