KIA Niro: Steering wheel


 Steering Wheel / Repair Procedures

Steering Wheel / Components And Components Location Bezel Lower cover Damper Steering wheel Remote control switch Wire ring Steering Wheel / Repair Procedures Removal Disconnect the battery negative cable. Turn the steerin

 Heated Steering wheel

Description When manually selected, the heated steering wheel system improves the thermal comfort of the driver by heating the steering wheel. Specifications System Circuit Diagram Terminal Function Inspection NTC characteris



 Instrument Cluster Description and operation

Instrument Cluster Components and components location Connector and Terminal Function Instrument Cluster Description and operation Description Main Function High speed CAN communication (C-CAN) (1) Custom Function : car seats l

 Limitations of Smart Cruise Control

Smart Cruise Control may not operate properly, or it may operate unexpectedly under the following circumstances: The detecting sensor or the surroundings are contaminated or damaged Washer fluid is continuously sprayed, or the wiper is on