KIA Niro: Steering wheel


 Steering Wheel / Repair Procedures

Steering Wheel / Components And Components Location Bezel Lower cover Damper Steering wheel Remote control switch Wire ring Steering Wheel / Repair Procedures Removal Disconnect the battery negative cable. Turn the steerin

 Heated Steering wheel

Description When manually selected, the heated steering wheel system improves the thermal comfort of the driver by heating the steering wheel. Specifications System Circuit Diagram Terminal Function Inspection NTC characteris



 Roadside Assistance

Towing In the event of an accident, the high voltage system must be disabled. The safety plug must be removed from the high voltage battery according to one of the methods described in sections of page 17-20 to disable the vehicle.Towing Niro

 Seat Belt Buckle Switch (BS)

Seat Belt Buckle Switch (BS) Description and operation Description The SRSCM shall monitor the status of the driver and front passenger seat belt buckle. The SRSCM provides one pin each for the driver and front passenger seat belt buckle status