KIA Niro: Dual Clutch Transmission Control System


 DCT Control Module (TCM), Repair procedures

Conponent Location DCT Control Module (TCM) TCM Connector TCM Terminal Function Connector (A) Connector (B) Circuit Diagram Inspection TCM ground circuit test : Measure the resistance between TCM and chassis grou

 Clutch Actuator Assembly

Components Fork cover Clutch actuator assembly Extension connector Motor 1 (Odd) Motor 2 (Even) Specifications Description The clutch actuator uses signals from the Transmission Control Module (TCM) to control the clutch.


 Remote window closing/opening (for front seats)

Lock button Unlock button If Auto window up/down function (safety window function) is equipped, you can still control the corresponding windows movement with engine turned off. Operation Press and hold the door lock button (1) o

 LCD display messages

A: Shifting conditions not met. Reduce speed, then shift When driving speed is too fast to shift the gear. When the gear is shifted while the vehicle is in Utility mode. A: Press brake pedal to change gear When the brake pedal is